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Brian Thunberg, D.V.M.
Practice Limited to Surgery Mobile Animal Surgical Care, Co.

The Delmarva 2000 Veterinary HFR has been a welcome addition to my mobile surgery practice.  It’s compact size, relatively low cost, and versatility make it perfect for a mobile setting where space is often limited.  Any veterinarian performing surgery will find the HFR a valuable asset in the OR for achieving rapid hemostasis, bloodless incisions, and for removal of small masses.

Bloomington, IN 47401
(812) 316-MASC (6272)

John Lewis, VMD, FAVD, DAVDC

The Delmarva 2000 HFR combines the benefits of a high frequency (4 MHz) radiosurgery unit with ease of use and affordability.  Click here to read the full review!

John E. Hayes, DVM
Ruckersville Animal Hospital

“I have had 3 HFR units in my 50 plus years in Veterinary practice, in that time, we have used this unique appliance for every case imaginable, from the nose to the tail and all structures between.  We find this unit great for any gingival lesions, skin polyps, ear polyps,  skin tumors and particularly eyelid tumors.  When we did ear crops we used the unit a lot, also entropion surgery, anal sacs and dew claws.  This unit is an invaluable resource for all practitioners of Veterinary medicine.”

“Service is excellent, the products are made in the USA and the design is outstanding.  I recommend all of the Delmarva 2000 products whether you are just starting a practice or like me have been around for half a century, you are never too old to experience a most delightful time in the OR.”

Paul Lynch, DVM
Lawndale Pet Hospital

“Love the Delmarva HFR.  This unit is solid and dependable.  Mono and bipolar reliable and precise. Cutting produces bloodless surgery with a quick recovery. I have had mine for 3 years and its like new.”

Randy Hein, DVM MS
Eastmont Animal Clinic

“I’ve owned a Delmarva 2000 HFR for 5 years.   We use it daily.   It is mounted on a small cart so we’re able to move throughout the clinic.  The unit is very reliable and a good value for the price.”