Vantage Plus Ultrasonic Scaler with Polisher Operative


  • New Scaler Handpiece with Focused Illumination. 
  • Automatic tuning recognizes and locks in each insert.
  • Powerful 25k magnetostrictive frequency.
  • Programmed power control knob provides the optimum energy for all inserts.
  • Exclusive 30% power increase setting for that “extra boost” to remove tough calculus.
  • Specialty insert power setting for feline urethral catheters and other specialty inserts such as the periodontal insert.  Accepts all Cavitron® style 25K inserts.
  • Unique low water pressure warning light.
  • New Micro motor handpiece with Focused Illumination.
  • Micro motor has variable speeds allowing for a wide RPM range for polishing, sectioning, drilling, or rounding fine surface procedures.
  • Precision Micro motor handpiece is a sealed unit…it generates no heat and requires NO lubrication.
  • New Reverse Switch to untangle hair.
  • Unit is self-contained and does not require a separate transformer pack for power.  Indestructible foot pedal allows the unit to be activated at will so both hands remain free.
  • Detachable handpieces.
  • Made in the USA with 3 year warranty.

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