Veterinary HFR – High Frequency Radio Surgery 4MHz


  • 125 + watts of power, 4 MHz in radio waves for easy, fast, and safe surgery.
  • Totally isolated mono-polar configuration allowing for Cut, Blend, and Coagulation modes—with immediate Bipolar Switching.
  • Isolated circuitry as in expensive human hospital models, not ground referenced.
  • Three easy selectable modes of operation:
      • Cut-Fully rectified & filtered for smooth cutting and minimal hemostasis.
      • Blend-Fully rectified & not filtered for good cutting coupled with hemostasis.
      • Coag-Radio wave is modified for better coagulation. Controls bleeding and destroys unwanted tissue by desiccation.
  • Instant switching to bipolar mode for pinpoint bleeder control or invert forceps for larger areas of coagulation.
  • Linear adjustable power control, assuring the correct power to treat animals as large as a horse or as small as a mouse.
  • Vibration & shock proof.
  • Autoclavable handpiece and cords.
  • Industrial grade hybrid electronics for stable, cool and safe operation.
  • Simple, easy to use control panel.
  • Made in the USA with 3 year warranty.
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